Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deathwing Terminator Squad - Finished!

Finished up this unit of Deathwing Terminators today - been working on them off and on all week. There is a surprising amount of detail on these guys, they took me a lot longer than I expected. I also "took my time" in the sense that I tried not to rush too much and tried to fix my mistakes as much as possible. The power-sword was done with a technique I picked up from BuyPainted on Youtube - I dig the effect. I also went with a fairly dark/muted red in order to avoid the "Christmas Marines" vibe of too much green and red. I'm pumped with the final results on these and next will be Ravenwing bikes and the DA tacticals.

Deathwing Terminator Squad - Dark Vengeance 40K starter set

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deathwing WIP

Happy holidays everyone - I hope Santa treated you well. He was certainly obscenely generous with my three kids. For my part hobby-wise I received the Infinity Campaign Paradiso book which is pretty gorgeous. I also picked up the Tohaa starter box and the Jotums box (TAG) mostly because it looks awesome to paint.

But what I'm currently working on is Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance box set (if you are local to Edmonton and want to buy the Chaos models off me, let me know!). Right now I have the Deathwing unit on the painting table and they are coming along quite nicely. The WIP shot I took is really glaring and washed out, once I get them done I'll take a proper photo in the light tent showing that the cream color is nicer than this harsh glare would suggest. I also picked up a Sepia 01 micron pen which does a nice job of dark-lining some of the deepest creases in these (like the hatch edges on the top of the model for example).

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is Angel Giraldez a space alien?

Seriously - I can't believe how talented he is.  He can't be human. The studio painter for Infinity (among other jobs if I'm reading his blog correctly), he just makes every new Infinity model look incredible.

Meanwhile I've been trying to paint one today (Swiss guard with missile launcher) and it just seems so "blech". Nothing's looking right, and these models are tiny and very detailed so my trusty airbrush is of minimal use. Basically I used it to prime the model white (with Vallejo White Primer made for airbrushing, marvelous stuff).  Beyond that it's all being done via W&N series 7 brush.

I don't see the missile launcher variant on his blog...It's not exactly this one I'm painting (different sculpt) but close:

Swiss Guard

 He just makes it look so effortless - different tones of gray, beautiful smooth highlights, great color choices. I seriously can't even tell how many greys he's using here lol. I decided to use my P3s and I think I was using 3 of them, then added GW codex grey. Still looks like a mess so far.

Anyway, just venting - mostly at my inability to paint Infinity as well as Angel does. Also wanted to draw attention to his blog for you guys to check out, the guy is incredibly talented.  I wish more of his Q&A comments were in English so I could learn a thing or two!

Studio Giraldez

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have no idea why I'm making an Infinity table lol - nor how far I'll get with it. I think I just really enjoy these wooden modular buildings for some reason. For the streets etc, I only have that many tiles made and I'm thinking a premade mat of some sort would be better maybe. Certainly larger plain cement areas for the buildings to seit in.

The buildings are for the most part not finished (windows, accent colors and dirt). I also decided to make those orange windows dark grey. They were "a bit much" on the eyes.

The cement walls don't look like they have lights on them, they look like they have big yellow splotches on them - so I'll need to fix that. I also have 2 sets of MAS walkways I will be painting up. Overall these probably need to be spread out a bit. Need more buildings....and lastly need to also paint up those tech crates etc.

Oh and...maybe an army? lol :) Thinking Pan-O, not sure. I started some Aleph but not sure I'm feeling them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Infinity Terrain

Working on one of the Infinity buildings and a set of resin concrete walls. I really like this terrain and have no idea why I'm painting it up given I don't even have an Infinity army at the moment, lol :P The windows are admittedly a bit bright but I was going for a really anime "different" kind of vibe. May have over-weathered a bit too. I think I can bring out the panel lines on those windows better. On the concrete wall, I applied a model train decal - they make graffiti for putting on train cars.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is Infinity "Broken"?

I painted up these futuristic signs from Micro Art Studio - I really like how they turned out (just cranked them out with the airbrush today). They aren't perfect by any means (my paintjob and assembly, not the product). You can see spots where I got messy and/or where the material got a bit chipped or peeled. You really need to exert some force to get these together at times - my thumbs are sore after doing it lol :)   Once I had them primed and painted with some white, I hit them with a satin varnish which gives them a nice "techy" feel. Gloss I think might have been a bit too much. I've posed them on a "street tile" I made - I went through a stretch where I was buying cardstock street terrain and making these modular tiles by gluing them to cork tile. Given that I also have some other MAS HDF (is that what it is?) terrain walkways and buildings, I could probably put a nice little Infinity board together.

But then I remember I need to stop thinking like a gamer and more like a hobbyist :)

You probably noticed the title of this post is asking if Infinity is a "broken" game. The reason I ask is I came across this post today:

The post is actually about quitting Warmachine, and the person is talking about maybe playing Infinity. But someone in the comments had this to say:

"I tried Infinity for a bit but the game is broken. You can really do some ridiculous things and their whole LOS system needs to be fixed."

For those of you who have or do play Infinity - do you agree with that assessment?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thoughts on GW and the Hobbit

Hi everyone, I thought I'd weigh in the topic of GW's new line of the Hobbit products. Since they were announced I think there have been a few areas of consensus within the gaming community:

- The products are all very expensive.
- The sculpts seem to be polarizing.
- The need to buy the big rulebook to get certain stat lines and points values has people up in arms.

For my part, I was going to take a pass on these. I actually thought the starter box (Escape from Goblin Town) looked pretty cool...but not 150 dollars cool (Canadian). In fact there was even a local store doing a preorder deal at a very good price and I still passed on it.

Then, on release day, I wandered into a different local game store and they had the models out and assembled. BAM - my plastic addiction overcame me and I plunked down for the starter and the Goblin Town box.

I've spent some time reading the basic rules that come in the set and it seems like a pretty fun little rule set! That said, I have no illusions that there will be anyone for me to play it with. In fact having read the small rules I actually want the larger rulebook but again I have to be honest with myself about not having opponents nor time to play really.

The sculpt quality is great in my opinion. I really like the Goblin King, the dwarves and Gandalf are fantastic, and the smaller goblins are true to the movie designs. I think part of the problem is the goblins don't really hold up well with big, zoomed in photos. But with a decent paintjob I think they look great on the tabletop. I've been painting some up (pretty rapidly, using the airbrush).

I also really like the scenery. It's hard to explain's just flat planking and platforms...but I still dig it. I'm sure you can make this with wooden sticks or stir sticks but (a) I wouldnt have the time or inclination and (b) I have doubts it would look as good as this. I'd love to build a goblin town layout like in the rules and White Dwarf but that's a lot of sets and what appears to be foam rock etc :)

So overall I think the starter box is a good set, although admittedly it pushes the envelope as far as it will go on the price. 

The trolls have grown on me too - I didn't buy them yet, but I think they are pretty nice and again true to the designs in PJ's film.

I'm less interested in the orcs, but I can see that those are pretty nice plastic sculpts as well. I'm not very interested in the finecast models (I'm really trying to avoid FC as a general rule, it's really brittle stuff) and obviously the white council set is a bit obscene.

I guess in summary - if you are interested in the Hobbit and/or painting the models and getting some neat scenery that works for a variety of games, the starter seems like a good buy. The rest are up to personal taste and financial situations :)


Here's a totally impromptu WIP shot from my painting station.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slowly making the move

Hi everyone - so I think this is the plan:

- Transition to doing all my new posts and updates here on Blogger.
- Keep the other site (Jigsy) available for archives and for the Gallery functionality.
-....although it occurs to me that means I need to update more than one site. So if I can figure out a good gallery system for Blogger I'll start using it. Seems like it would be a no-brainer feature?

I'm still ashamed of the visual appearance and layout of the new blog so far.  Any tips from you veterans out there? Because it's a template I can't adjust width or height of the various boxes (I don't know HTML like I used to). Also the colors and layout in general feel pretty lame to me. Any suggestions? Also any suggestions on what Blogger widgets to include and best layout?  Meanwhile I'll turn to Google to try and find out some more tips on design etc.

I'm a bit excited to be honest, because I hate blogging to a silent audience and I already feel like this is going to increase the dialog and sense of community :)

If you have a blog that lists my blog in your blog roll, please go ahead and switch it over to this one if you don't mind? Now it should start to surface the updates and thumbnails properly rather than just a lowercase "minijunkie" with nothing else lol.

Oh and yes I still actually do hobby stuff. Right now I have a few things on the work bench, not sure what will get done first: I have an Evil Suns Dakkajet and the Hobbit boxed set in progress. I've painted up some of the Goblin Town scenery as well (paints up really fast with airbrush) and I really do like it even if a person could make it with popsicle or coffee stir sticks.

On the old blog, Dave suggested that maybe some of my hobby malaise comes from painting stuff "the way it's expected". I think he has a pretty interesting point. Since I'm usually painting stuff to sell (which is how I continue to fund my ongoing hobby) I try to paint things in the most popular or acceptable ways to attract buyers. Even a slight deviation can reduce the appeal with buyers (had a bit of trouble selling the Heldrake you might have noticed until I dropped the price). That said, I might try painting some character models from Reaper or other manufacturers to test that market out a bit. Ultimately the best selling stuff will probably still be 40K for the foreseeable future.

My "de-gamerification" continues in the meantime - I've been selling off my Warmachine and Warhammer army books for example.

Still wish Infinity was more  popular around these parts though....freakin' sweet models lately :)  (how about that Ajax model??).

Monday, December 3, 2012

Testing out Blogger

This post is to test out the Blogger platform and determine if I want to transition to it. Note that I am aware white text on dark isn't nice to read and will be changing it :) If you happened to come here from my current blog at, please leave a comment?